Don’t Be Put Off Taking A Holiday To India

Taj Mahal, IndiaIndia has certainly had its fair share of publicity recently. The Mumbai terror attacks that took place on 26 November 2008 obviously stick out in everyone’s mind and of course, there is the publicity relating to the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire. The movie highlighted the terrible slum conditions that over 1 million people in Mumbai live in. These are the parts of India that you don’t see in the travel brochures !

However, India is recovering from the Mumbai attacks and the damaged hotels are well on their way to being fully repaired. In the aftermath of the attacks there is no doubt that tourism was affected but confidence in the country as a tourist destination is virtually back to where it was before the Mumbai attacks and having been to India I can understand why.India is a huge diverse country. In fact India is a whole continent in one country and it has a booming economy which is rapidly transforming the country and new hotels are springing up in the main tourist areas including top quality five star hotels like the Leela., which has ambitious plans for a $500 million expansion plan.

Security has increased as well recently. There are metal detectors and bag scanners at major hotels and cars and passengers are searched on arrival. Always make sure that your passport is uptodate and has at least six months unexpired time left on it. In addition, a Visa is required to visit India, including the popular holiday resorts of Goa and Kerala.

Our advice is don’t be put off taking a holiday to India. It is a cultural feast for the eyes and is great value for money. If you want to read more about holidays to Kerala read my previous blog entry about this fantastic region here.

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