Don’t call expensive 0871 numbers!

It’s nice when we get customers telling us how good our service is. We booked a customer this morning on a holiday to Corfu and she called this afternoon with a question. She told us that she had called another travel agent with an 0871 telephone number and had been kept waiting 20 minutes and nobody answered. Sounds like a money making exercise to us because they can cost 10 pence a minute, and its almost criminal that some travel agents keep their customers waiting for so long.

The exact opposite is true about Global Holidays. They have a FREE 0800 telephone number which is normally answered within a few seconds. This lady called our freephone number and ended up booking a lovely holiday for far less that she expected.

Our customer said that she thought our service was fantastic and that she would recommend her friends to us.

Now that’s what good service can do and that’s why we have a FREE 0800 telephone number as well as low prices and excellent service.

To book with Global Holidays call FREE on 0800 433 2300 !





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