Don’t go abroad says Stephen Fry and Visit Britain but he does!

Two of the Global Holidays team were at the cinema last night !

They, however, didn’t get to see the whole film that they went to see. They were at a showing  of the The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which they say was excellent, but they didn’t get to see the last 20 minutes of the film because the cinema had to be evacuated due to a fire ! Cinema go’ers thought that the special affects were excellent when they could smell smoke but it turned out that they were not part of the film ! So, if anybody can tell us how the film ended it would be appreciated. Did Bill Nighy turn back and go back to Judy Dench ? That’s what we want know !

Anyway, getting back to the main reason for writing this travel blog article. One of the advertisements before the film started was the new Visit Britain campaign asking us the question “Why go abroad when there is so much to see in Britain”. It was an expensive looking advert with non other than Stephen Fry as one of the celebrities campaigning for us all to stay in Britain.

Well, firstly, I think we can all make our own minds up thank you and secondly we go abroad for the weather and to see something different to what we are used to. Expensive hotels, restaurants and days out in Britain is something not many people can afford to do for a week or more. Travelling abroad means we can spend less and soak up the sun !

But the final insult to this expensive and pointless campaign is that the wonderful Stephen Fry was featured on the advert. How interesting, therefore, to see from his Twitter feed that he is presently in Wellington, New Zealand presumably either on holiday or being paid a large sum of money to invite us to visit the place !

So, our message is book a holiday abroad by calling us FREE on 0800 433 2300





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  1. Merv avatar

    Everyone featured in that “Pro Britain” ad goes abroad for the Holidays, they should be Politicians.

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