Drinkers’ paradise – Oktoberfest

The world’s most famous beer festival, Oktoberfest starts on 22 September for two weeks so it’s time to start planning your trip.

Beer lovers should have made their way to the Schottenhamel tent by high noon on September 22nd where the city’s lord mayor will tap the first keg of the festival’s beer.

Once the ceremonial opening is finished, the eagerly anticipated moment arrives when beer guzzlers from across the world will be able to sample some of Bavaria’s finest ales and allowed to quench their thirst at will.

It is common for visitors to arrive at around 09:00 to secure the best seats in full view of the beautiful waitresses decked out in full Bavarian wear so that their glasses can be refilled whenever required.

Prices range from 6.95 Euros and 7.50 Euros per litre and the beer swigging visitor can expect plenty of banter and frivolity as the traditional German bands get into full swing and drinkers bang their fists boisterously on the wooden tables.

The festival lasts for 16 days so book your flight to Munich as soon as you can to avoid missing out.





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