England lose 2018 World Cup

It would have been great if England had won the right to stage the 2018 World Cup but instead it has been awarded to Russia. Does this mean that the so called “Iron Curtain” has lost its final piece ? I watched the England bid live on TV and it was very impressive. Prince William, David Cameron and the rest of the team did a superb presentation. It was very slick and the argument they put forward was very convincing. Maybe it came too late but in the vote England were eliminated in the first round of FIFA voting.

I’m really pleased though that Russia is to host the 2018 World Cup. The World Cup has never been hosted in eastern Europe and this decision will help open up Russia and develop it as a footballing nation. Russia is a country that should be closer to the West as it has the same values. Hosting the 2018 World Cup will hopefully make Russia more open and democratic.

As far as England are concerned it will be at least 20 years before we have a chance to host the World Cup again. Maybe in the meantime England should organise its own mini tournament. After all it is the home of football.





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