Euro 2012 countries quirky facts

BBC Radio Leeds called us yesterday and asked us if we would contribute to their mid morning show. They wanted interesting facts and stories about any of the Euro 2012 football tournament countries and they said they would call back in 30 minutes so that we could be “live” on air. We are regular contributors to BBC Radio Leeds. When they feature a travel related story they often ask us to either go into the studio or call us for our travel industry views.

We had 30 minutes to come up with some interesting facts for the show so we started thinking. Whilst we know lots and lots of holiday facts about many countries we had to come up with quirky interesting facts that would not be boring so it was a race against time to come up with what the show wanted.

The call from the radio show came and we were “live” on air. Here are some of the quirky facts that we shared with listeners on the show.

1. Netherlands – Amsterdam has over 1 million bicycles and only 700,000 residents.

2. Netherlands – Dutch people are the tallest in Europe. The average man is just over 6 ft tall.

3. France – The Statue of Liberty was made in France.

4. France – The bikini was invented in France in 1946.

5. France – It’s illegal to call a pig Napoleon.



6. France – The first denim fabric was exported to California. It was bought by Levi Strauss. Denim is short for “de Nimes” the French city.

7. Sweden – Has the highest per capita number of McDonald restaurants in Europe.

8. Ikea started in Sweden.

9. Spain has over 8,000km of beaches – Great place for holidays!

10. Spain is over 5 times bigger than the UK but with only two thirds of the population.

11. Ukraine – Kiev ( Arsenalskaya) has the deepest metro station in the world. It takes over 4 minutes by escalator to    travel that distance.

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