Exercise For Only 30 Seconds A Day To Stay Fit !

Scientists have discovered that just 30 seconds of high intensity exercise, like sprinting or cycling fast, can improve health if done on a regular basis. The findings say that this increases the body’s metabolism, which helps to prevent weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. The study was conducted on 16 men who sprinted and cycled as fast as they could every other day for only 30 seconds.

The intense exercise was more effective than leisurely workouts because it depleted sugar from muscles forcing them to replace it with stores from the blood, so the insulin function within the body was improved.

I like the sound of this research because I have never liked running the streets, especially at night. Not that I have actually run the streets for quite a few years, but the thought was there. Now, I have an excuse to run up the stairs at home 3 or 4 times in quick succession as that will probably take about 30 seconds !






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