Falkland Island’s family book Florida holiday with Leeds travel agency.

There are not many places in the world that are more remote than The Falkland Islands. These beautiful islands, in the South Atlantic Ocean, have a population of less than 3,000 and are fiercely loyal to the United Kingdom.

So, when we received an email from a Falklands resident asking us to arrange a Florida holiday for her and her family of 12 people  it was the first holiday request that we can remember from these far away shores!

After an exchange of emails, flights from London Gatwick to Orlando were booked by us through the efficient Travel2, as well as a luxury Florida villa, car hire and Disney theme park tickets. This was going to be a holiday of a lifetime for this family and we wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly. All communication was by email and amazingly we did not even speak to our client on the phone.

All flight tickets, villa documents, car rental voucher and Disney tickets were e-mailed to The Falkland Islands for our client to print off locally. Flight E-tickets have been around for a few years now and if we had needed to post paper tickets to The Falkland Islands we would have been nervous that they would not arrive.

Our client and family made their own way to London Gatwick and had a wonderful and busy holiday enjoying Disney and all that Orlando has to offer. They even managed  a day on The Gulf Coast at Clearwater away from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks.

Florida is a world away from The Falkland Islands but our clients will have memories of a great holiday that will last a lifetime.

Our Falkland Islands clients sent us this photo of them all outside The Upside Down House in Orlando.

 Falkland Islands family enjoy Florida holiday





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