Focus on Fethiye in Turkey

Fethiye is an incredibly beautiful Turkish town on the Aegean coast, surrounded by hills and mountains. Most visitors stay in the area for its mixture of sun, sea and cultural activities.Although tourists arrive in good numbers, Fethiye still retains the feel of a working town, meaning you don’t get that horrible sense that everything is here for your benefit.

Those who find they wilt in the heat may wish to arrive away from summer period, when temperatures can reach 40C on occasion. Spring and autumn are far more agreeable and a little quieter as well.One of the main attractions of the town itself is the famous pre-Roman Lycian tombs which were carved out in the hills and cliffs above the town. The higher up the mountain, the more ornate the carvings on the tombs become, a sign that wealth allowed you to be buried closer to God.

There are also a number of small islands to explore nearby. There are a huge supply of boats offering excursions to the islands each day from Fethiye’s harbour, many providing short stops on the islands and the opportunity to see plenty of marine life. Food and drink is often also provided, making for a most enjoyable day’s sailing.

The nearby village of Kaya Koyu is also worth investigating, This village lies 20 minutes drive out of town and has been left empty since the Greeks were driven out in 1923 after the end of the Greco-Turkish war. An unnerving but thoroughly interesting place.Those who have brought their hiking boots must visit the Saklikent Gorge, which is a superb geological site on the Tekke Peninsula, to be found between Fethiye and Antalya.

The higher you go up the gorge the wetter and more precipitous it becomes. Remember that getting back down can be more of a challenge than going up.If after all that hiking you fancy a spell on the beach, take a water taxi ride to Callis from Fethiye harbour. Although it’s a shingle beach the sea is gorgeous and the refreshing breezes make a wonderful change from the Turkish heat.There are a good range of restaurants in the town catering to most tastes but one of the best must surely be the Yacht Restaurant, with its gorgeous views over the marina and wonderful north African food.The city has some good nightlife too, with many of the bars and clubs retaining a strong Turkish feel, although there are a few that pander to tourist tastes.

Those flying in to the region will find a number of international flights available to nearby Dalaman or Antayla.

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    Last year my visit to Fethiye was really cool .Oludeniz is unique .Then I went to Alanya and I am now thinking on buying a property there.

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