Fray Bentos Pies and Sean Bean

You might wonder what Fray Bentos pies and Sean Bean have in common! Sean Bean was a guest on last Saturday’s Jonathan Ross Show and he was talking about how he flew out 60 Fray Bentos pies whilst he was shooting a film on location somewhere abroad.

Now, I don’t mind a good quality pie myself on occasions, but I’m still searching for the perfect pie and  haven’t found anything to match my mum’s meat and potato pie! So when Sean Bean mentioned the Fray Bentos pie I thought that they must be very good if he considered taking 60 of the pies with him.

Anyway, I was in my local supermarket the next day and happened to stumble across the same pies so I decided I would buy one to try it. However, having just eaten it I have to report that they don’t live up to Sean Bean’s plug. In fact, I ended up leaving most of it as it was mostly artery clogging pastry with virtually no nice pieces of beef to speak of.

I noticed that Sean Bean is not as slim as he used to be and now I realise why!

If anybody can recommend a good quality pie that you can buy on the Internet I would love to know, in the meantime, I won’t be opening the Fray Bentos chicken pie I bought at the same time. Never mind 60 pies, one of those was more than enough for me.





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