Free Travel Apps

Free, Handy Travel App’s

Our intrepid traveller and Travel TV presenter, Becky Hayes, has been looking at the best travel apps for smartphones so if you are  heading abroad on holiday or business don’t leave without downloading these handy, free apps first.

 Trip Advisor

Download this to find the best restaurants and attractions when abroad and all rated by customers like ourselves.

XE Currency

Convert every world currency on the go with this. It features live currency rates and has a calculator so you can calculate prices.

City Maps and Walks

This app offers self guided walking tours for over 470 cities worldwide. It uses your exact location to direct you to see the highlights and attractions in each city. Many of the tours come with audio narration. Plus you do not need the internet whilst using it so your data roaming can stay off!


This app compares millions of flights on over 600 airlines to find you the cheapest fare.


Translate other languages with this handy app. It has voice recognition so simply speak and instantly see your translation. You can also listen to high quality voices in other languages.


This is a simple stress free way to keep all of your important holiday documents in one place. From flights, taxi pick-ups to key events, everything will be stored, checked and covered. You’ll never forget or miss anything!


Urbanspoon is the gold standard in the U.S., London, Melbourne, and Sydney: Shake your phone, watch the dials spin like an old-school slot machine, and up comes the best guide to local restaurants yet. Free.

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