French Alps Cable Car breaks down

The French Alps cable car that broke down this week  offers amazing panoramic views of the Mont Blanc mountain range and I was there only two weeks ago.

The cable cars that broke down, stranding people overnight in sub zero conditions, connect the Aiguille du Midi peak in France, at 3,842m (12,605ft), to Pointe Helbronner in Italy, at 3,462m (11,358ft). Aguille du Midi is the highest cable car in Europe and is a must see attraction on a visit to Chamonix, which is on the French, Italian and Swiss border.

You have to ascend the main cable car of Aguille du Midi before you can board the connecting cable car into Italy. The cable car to Helbronner Point covers 5 km of glacier and you travel over crevasses that can be 70 metres deep, which is the height of a 23-storey building. Nearby you can see stunning mountain peaks that top 4000 metres including Mont Blanc itself at 4810 metres.

I took these photos of the cable car that broke down, on my recent trip to the French Alps.

Cable Car in French Alps
French Alps Cable Car
French Alps Cable Car
Aguille du Midi
View from Aiguille Du Midi
View of French Alps near to French Alps Cable car that broke down.





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