Gary Moore RIP

I was shocked to hear that Gary Moore has died in Spain. He was apparently staying at the Kempinsky hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol when his girlfriend found him at 4am. Gary Moore was only 58 and he was a guitar genius in my view. Guitarists like him don’t come along very often. He was one of a rare bread of guitarists that put his life and soul into playing. You could tell by his facial expressions that he loved playing guitar. Like most great musicians he was like a craftsman who managed to get his instrument to make the most incredible sounds.  The tone of Gary Moore’s Gibson Les Paul guitar was just amazing and the envy of many guitarists. Gary was a big fan of  Marshall amps and this combination of amp and guitar suited Gary Moore perfectly.

I first came across Gary Moore when he was playing with Phil Lynot and Thin Lizzy and I have admired him ever since. He only spent four months with Thin Lizzy before embarking on a solo career that would take him back to his blues roots.

Anyone who listens to any one of his 20 solo albums can’t fail to be impressed. His music will live on and I can’t think of anyone else who can fill the gap left by his sad demise.

It is very difficult to pick the best of Gary Moore’s music but I love the song Don’t believe a Word from his rocking days, but you can pick any of his blues songs to listen to the unmistakable music of Gary Moore.






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