Getting the Best Out of Your Holiday Photographs

Backup those priceless holiday phorographs !Is it worth taking photographs whilst on holiday ? After all you might look at the photos only once and then never look at them again ! Is it really worth all the effort and problems with storing all your snaps !

Well, I personally think it is worth it but I have decided that I think I prefer the old fashioned way of storing photographs …. in an album! I know its old fashioned but what can beat opening up an old photograph album on your dining room table and your friends and family having a good laugh or shedding a tear over a photograph that reminds you about part of your life.

It’s all too easy with digital photography to take lots of photos and not try hard to compose the picture carefully and then you end up with lots of images that aren’t very good. On the other hand I suppose that this happened to me before digital photography started as out of 24 shots I might only have had 4 or 5 that were worth keeping, and of course, I had wasted money on film and developing.The other danger with digital photos is that you can take hundreds of shots and most are mediocre and then they either stay on your camera or you download them to your PC and they stay there taking up space, and then you never look at them. A PC screen is not easily viewed by more than one person.

The danger of storing your holiday photos and other images on a PC is that one day you will end up getting a new PC or your hard drive will fail and then you end up losing everything. It’s then that you will wish that you had backed up everything !

So …. what is the best storage solution and how do you get the most out of your holiday photographs ?

Here are our top tips –

1. Take your time composing your photograph. Think about your subject and the background and consider the lighting on your subject.

2. Remember that you want those people who look at your holiday photographs to be impressed and they won’t want to look at boring photos that only you find interesting.

3.Once you return from your holiday, download the images to your PC and delete the ones that you don’t like.  Don’t keep the photos on your camera for too long. You will rarely look at them again and they will be taking up memory on your camera.

4. Back up or copy your photos to a back up drive. If you have an old PC you can use the hard drive from there and use it as an external drive for storage. Alternatively, external hard drives are very cheap these days and are well worth the investment.

5. Remember to rename your photos to something that makes sense.

6. Create folders for different holidays so that you can easily find them.

7.Another method of keeping backups of your holiday photographs is by uploading them to Flikr or Facebook. This can take time though so remember to upload them a few at a time.

Finally, you need to go on holiday to be able to take holiday photos ! . . . . .

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