Ghost Towns, Death Valley & Area 51 !

 Death Valley Highway, Nevada, USALas Vegas in the US state of Nevada is the entertainment capital of the world, but Nevada has much more to offer. Rachel who works for a PR company representing Nevada Silver Trails, which includes Death Valley, ghost towns and the famous Area 51 very kindly sent us this great article about all that the area has to offer.

Next time you are thinking about a holiday to Las Vegas make sure that you make time to visit the other amazing attractions in Nevada.

The Heart of the Wild West – Nevada Silver Trails

Nevada Silver Trails territory,38,000 square miles of mostly public land in the south-central third of Nevada, captures the essence of the Silver State with awe-inspiring landscapes, abandoned ghost towns, incredible natural attractions and expansive recreation areas. In towns across the territory, where the only law used to be a six-shooter and fortunes could be made or lost in the span of a day, sit the reminders of the past evoking the spirit of adventure.

ADVENTURE:• Located 23 miles east of Gabbs via state Route 844, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is home to nearly 40 preserved ichthyosaur fossils as well as the turn-of-the-century mining town of Berlin. An interpretive trail winds through Berlin and leads to the Fossil House where the fossils of the giant marine reptiles that swam in a warm ocean 225 million years ago, are located.

The 1,540-acre park has a visitors center, camping and hiking.• Amargosa Big Dunes, approximately, five minutes from Amargosa Valley, brings 5 square miles and 500 vertical feet of sand to sandboarders and ATV adventure seekers. Crescent Sand Dunes, located several miles north of Tonopah and visible from U.S. 95, cover 3,000 acres at an elevation of 5,032 feet and are frequented by off-highway vehicles. Overnight camping is available.• Nevada Silver Trails is the eastern gateway to Death Valley National Park, the hottest, driest, lowest place in America.

A desert, it is filled with sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons, plants and animals unique to the harshest deserts and three million acres of stone wilderness.• STATE ROUTE 375: Also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, state Route 375 is a 98-mile stretch of road anchored by the town of Rachel. 

In proximity to the famed “Area 51,” the highway is a favorite of UFO seekers and fans of alien lore.  A major attraction is the Little A’Le’Inn, a restaurant and inn that celebrates the extraterrestrial spirit of the town. The route also travels past multiple abandoned mines and ghost towns as well as petroglyph sites.

ATTRACTIONS:• The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is 110-acres inviting self exploration, an ATV guided tour and an “Underground Adventure,” with extensive exhibits and mining artifacts, three head frames and hoisting houses complete with original equipment and more.• Dedicated to the preservation and history of Nevada, Tonopah’s Central Nevada Museum offers a glimpse into the many facets of the state’s spirited past and houses an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs and exhibits as well as a library highlighting Native Americans, wildlife, mining, railroads, military artifacts, fossils and more. An outdoor area features additional exhibits.  Admission is free.

RELAXATION: • The desert landscape of the territory is dotted throughout with warm and hot springs with temperatures ranging from 80 to 110 degrees or more.  Notable soaks include Ash Springs in Pahranagat Valley, Diana’s Punchbowl near Belmont, Bailey’s Hot Springs outside of Beatty, and Hot Creek located in the Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Management Area.

AND GHOST TOWNS:• At the heart of the Silver State, on the edge of the Humboldt-Toyiabe Forest, Belmont was born in 1865 and produced $15 million of silver and lead ore before its demise nearly 20 years later. One of the town’s treasures is slowly being restored by the Nevada Division of State Parks as a testament to the time – a two-story brick courthouse built in 1874 as the Nye County Seat. The town also has four mill ruins including the Combination Mill built in the 1860s, with a standing 100′ brick stack.• Located just 30 miles south of Tonopah along Highway 95, Goldfield once boasted a population of 30,000. Although some still make Goldfield their home, many of the town’s buildings are abandoned and can be viewed on a walking tour that passes the majestic Goldfield Hotel, the Esmeralda County Courthouse and the Santa Fe Saloon, the oldest running saloon in the state built in 1905. Founded in 1902, the town was responsible for producing more than $86 million in gold between 1903 and 1940.• Gold Point, south of Goldfield and 15 miles off U.S. 95, is rich with history and adventure thanks to the restoration efforts of Herb Robbins.

 Nearly 30 years ago Robbins began buying and restoring the town’s original buildings. Now, as the self appointed town sheriff, Robbins offers tours of the town and mines complete with stories and historical facts. Overnight accommodations include Robbins’ Bed and Breakfast cabins.• Located just north of Beatty, Rhyolite is one of the most photographed ghost towns in the West.  The town’s remaining structures include the Bottle House and railroad depot, with additional artifacts on display at the Gold Well Open Air Museum.  Open year-round, admission to the museum is by donation.Learn more about Nevada Silver Trails events, recreation, lodging, museums and attractions online at or by calling 877-848-5800.

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    I keep reading about Hot Springs/water falls in or around Gold Point, NV. Never found any signs or maps telling me where. A man in Gold Point pointed to a Mt. and said the Hot Springs were in that direction (about 30 or 40 minutes) down a dirt road but not a good day to take that trip.Any one know how to find the Hot Springs/water falls near Gold Point, Nv?Thanks,

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