Glamorous yet charmingly simple, Sardinia has it all

Formula One boss and successful entrepreneur Flavio Briatore and his model fiancee Elisabetta Gregoraci are the latest in a long line of big names to choose the beautiful beaches of Sardinia to get away from the pressures of an A-list lifestyle.

While Flavio’s famous Billionaire’s Club is on the Italian island, the loved-up couple instead opted to move away from the glamorous resort and explore the unspoilt beaches and rugged coves which makes the Sardinian coastline arguably the most spectacular in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Though St Tropez may often make the headlines, Sardinia’s Emerald Coast has enough glamorous resorts to keep royalty and movie stars happy, while the fabulous bars and restaurants are beyond compare.

However, the charm of Sardinia is that it remains largely unspoilt, with visitors able to find their own secluded beach or explore the olive groves or some of Europe’s oldest archaeological ruins, dating back to 1700BC, without seeing another tourist.

Indeed, out of season Sardinia is the perfect Mediterranean for the more adventurous traveller.

Getting around the island can be charmingly shambolic as the trains move at a snail’s pace through the stunning countryside and the language spoken by the locals can baffle even visitors from mainland Italy.

Perhaps the highlight of a trip to Sardinia is the drive along the Emerald Coast from Olbia to Stintino, with the road clinging to the rugged cliffs, looking down on the azure waters, perfect for Sunday drivers and Formula One chiefs alike.





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