Go Green On A Holiday To The Maldives.

The Maldives is a stunning holiday destination. The stunning tropical islands of  The Maldives in the Indian Ocean make a fantastic destination for a luxury holiday. The Maldives though are very low lying small islands surrounded by coral reefs, which actually protect the islands from storm surges. However, with the threat of global warming and the resulting rise in sea levels these stunning islands have an uncertain future.

Now though the Maldives government has decided that it will go carbon neutral within 10 years under an ambitious plan unveiled at the weekend.President Mohamed Nasheed said the islands intended to virtually eliminate fossil fuel use on the archipelago by 2020.

The low-lying islands are particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by global warming, as even at their highest point they are no more than six feet above sea level.Nasheed said the Maldives will need to spend about $110 million a year to create the renewable energy infrastructure.

The plan will involve more than 150 wind turbines, half a square kilometre of rooftop solar panels and a biomass plant burning coconut husks. Nasheed said he hoped it would prove a model for other nations, however it’s not quite certain how it will fit in with the governments long term strategy of looking for an alternative homeland for its people.

Many of the islands of the Maldives have invested heavily over the last two years. Many of the holiday destinations have been renovated and upgraded and a holiday to the Maldives is now more luxurious than ever. Many of the resorts offer contemporary living with luxurious water villas on stilts. Many islands offer spa facilities. Despite all this many of the islands in the Maldives offer a simple type of holiday with outdoor private showers and sand on the floor of the restaurant, which means that you don’t have to wear shoes. Your day will revolve around relaxing by the swimming pool, spending time in the spa, snorkeling on the house reef or learning to dive.






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