Government to waste £4M of tax payers money!

The government has announced that it is to spend £4m of tax payers money promoting tourism to the UK. This money will be spent on an expensive TV advertising campaign in an attempt to persuade us all to stay in the UK in 2012 and not to go abroad.

Whilst we here at Global Holidays love the UK and want inbound tourism to be booming this can’t be at the expense of us going abroad for our holidays. Spending money on promoting the UK to those living outside the UK is great but the government is blatantly saying to us “why on earth would you want to go abroad?”

The government, of course, think we should all be staying at home to watch the Olympic Games in London and that we should leave our passports in the drawer this year. We think that this campaign is a waste of tax payers money and is damaging our already fragile outbound tourism industry. The UK outbound tourism industry employs thousands of people and there are many good reasons to go abroad, including the fact that it is impossible to buy an Olympics ticket and than going abroad is fun and it gets us away from the depressing financial news that we see almost daily.

There are, of course, plenty of good reasons to go abroad such as better weather, exploring different scenery and cultures and where you can forget about the doom and gloom at home. In addition, the outbound tourist industry can’t afford to lose jobs in an already difficult employment situation.

We think that the government has got this wrong and the message should change. They should be promoting both types of tourism. We spend a lot of money trying to encourage people to go abroad on holiday only to have £4M thrown against us all. It’s not acceptable and is a waste of money!





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