Grand Canyon Tour from Las Vegas

It was a very early start from the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for an exiting day trip by plane to the rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a clear and sunny November morning as I stood in shorts and T-shirt waiting for the coach that would take us the short distance to the airport. Then I overheard someone saying that the south rim of the Grand Canyon is 7,000 ft above sea level and I suddenly realised that it would be a lot colder at that height so I rushed back to the hotel room to put on some warmer clothing, and that proved to be a smart move as it was really cold when we got there even though there was blue sky and sunshine.

We headed for the Boulder City airport terminal which is only a few miles from Las Vegas. The check-in procedure was farly straight forward apart from the fact that because the plane only holds about 12 people they have to weigh everybody individually so that they can work out how much fuel they will need!

We boarded the plane, which only had 2 rows across and I was asked to close the door myself. I could easily have opened the door myself during the flight and bailed out, although they didn’t supply parachutes! The flight to the Grand Canyon took us over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and we had spectacular views of the area around the Grand Canyon which seems to stretch for hundreds of miles. After a flight of just over an hour we landed at the chilly South Rim and took a short bus ride to the Canyon itself. There are many places that have visitor centres at the Grand Canyon so we were at just one of many but the views from where we stood were just amazing.

We spent several hours wondering around the trails that run at the top of the Grand Canyon but didn’t actually go down to the river below but you can take a helicopter trip there and have lunch by the mighty Colorado River if you want.

This really is a trip that I can recommend. In fact it is the day trip of a lifetime.

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Here are a few photographs that I took whilst on my day trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon


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