I have never been on holiday over Christmas

Christmas – A Personal View about going away for Christmas – (maybe a grumpy view !)

Christmas is nearly upon us all and many people will be preparing to go away for the festivities. However, I won’t be one of them. I am staying at home yet again. In fact, I have never been away from home at Christmas and it does not bother me in the slightest ! OK … I know that I am a travel agent and I love selling holidays to anybody who wants to go away, but who would want to go somewhere warm at Christmas ? Christmas should be spent somewhere cold. Eating Turkey on a beach somewhere warm like the Caribbean does not interest me.

As I write this, it’s snowing  outside and the temperature is close to freezing, but I like it.Most of the UK won’t be going away on holiday this Christmas. Like me they will be eating too much on Christmas Day and stuffing themselves with leftover turkey, with pickles, and pork pie and mince pies and the chocolate money that seems to always find its way into the house somehow.

But to those of you who are going away I am pleased that the British Airways strike is not going ahead and I hope your holidays are enjoyable. As the year draws to a close and we look forward to next year I hope that the economy picks up and the UK starts to gain confidence in its future. I hope that more of us go on holiday next year because we deserve a holiday in the sun. It re-charges our batteries and makes us feel good, for a while at least !

What’s hot for holiday destinations  ?

Egypt and Turkey will continue to attract holidaymakers looking for a good deal.  These holiday destinations have invested in luxury hotels and improved airports and infrastructure.

Morocco and Tunisia will benefit from a quirk in the changes to APD, which means travelling there will become cheaper. Previously, Tunisia and Morocco were rated outside Europe and the tax was £40 per person. Now the two countries are in Band A and the tax is £11. So if you fancy a holiday to north Africa, Tunisia or Morocco could be the place for you.Another hot destination for 2010 will be Dubai, as the emirate’s financial difficulties translate to good deals for holidaymakers. According to ABTA, the financial crisis has prompted a price war in hotel room rates to stimulate demand and a currency that is losing its value.

Dubai is still a popular holiday destination. With many luxury hotels and the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Dubai.

Naked cruising is also predicted to increase in popularity next year.  It is possible to do this at the moment in the  US with Texas-based Bare Necessities first chartering a Costa Cruises vessel to take 2,200 naked passengers around the states in 1991. A further holiday trend shows demand for areas emerging from troubled times, such as Sri Lanka, which looks set to increase in popularity next year. Iraq is also promoting itself as a holiday destination for !

Don’t forget, of course, the traditional summer holiday destinations of Greece, Spain and Portugal as they still offer great value for money. The destinations are still far cheaper than a weeks holiday in the UK.

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Best wishes for the new year – From David – Global Holidays Blog Editor

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3 responses to “I have never been on holiday over Christmas”

  1. Mack avatar

    Very informative post. Here are Top 10 Destinations For Holidaying In 2010, now you dont want go anywhere you get information about top 10 destination here only. There name are Iceland, Thailand, London, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Bulgaria, Kenya and Las Vegas.

  2. Jeff avatar

    There’s a few unusual one’s I wouldn’t have thought of. Iraq holidays?

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Jeff. Yes, Iraq holidays took me by surprise as well when I read the article in the travel press about this years holiday trends. I can’t see Iraq being on many peoples lists of places to visit just yet. One destination which I think will see increasing visitor numbers is China.

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