Heated Roads is the Answer to Snow Chaos

December 2009 and January 2010 were bad winter months for snow and ice here in the UK. This country can’t cope with transport chaos that snow causes. Our roads are over crowded so that when we do get snow cars grind to a halt. Even our trains don’t seem to like snow and our airports even have to close as well.

We spend millions of pounds on gritting our roads and we lose countless millions more in lost production and time off work because we can’t get to work.

Isn’t it about time that a new solution is found ?

Last year I wrote an article about heated roads. The technology is available and I would have thought that as a long term investment it would be worthwhile considering. The government is to have an enquiry about how local authorities have handled the snow situation I hope they also look at ways of avoiding similar situations in the future.





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  1. Edward Thompson avatar

    Ice is a bigger problem than snow.

    The solution can be found at http://www.icax.co.uk/Solar_Roads.html

    The problem is much more acute for airport runways.

    Ice can be cleared from airport runways using a green technology called Interseasonal Heat Transfer. See http://www.icax.co.uk/Solar_Runways.html

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