Heathrow Protesters Suffer Blow From Climate Change Expert.

In an article in Sundays Observer one of the worlds leading climate change experts, Jim Hansen, criticised the Heathrow Airport extension protesters. Building a third runway at Heathrow, he said, would have little or no affect on the amount of carbon emissions that the world produces. He went on to say that the main danger which is causing climate change is coal. “Coal is 80% of the planets problem” he said.

At present planes landing at London’s Heathrow airport normally have to circle for several minutes waiting for a landing slot. Once the third runway is built this problem will be solved and, therefore, less fuel will be used and that will also reduce co2 emissions.Hansen is a director at NASA and he has also been advising new President Obama to act quickly as he believes that the world only has a few years left before the problem becomes critical.

It is correct that we have to take action on co2 emissions ourselves but one new coal fired power station comes online every week in China which more than makes up for any savings that we make here in the UK.

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