Holiday Essentials – What to Take on Holiday

Holiday Essentials – Guest post by Becky Hayes

As I write this blog, I am myself packing like a crazy woman to go away on holiday to Thailand. I’m always in a mad rush and as we drive to the airport I have that dreaded feeling in my stomach that I’ve forgotten something.

Also when I am on holiday, I always get holiday essential envy i.e. “Ooooh she looks nice in that sarong. I wish I’d brought a nice beach cover up!” It then goes on my mental next years holiday list but then promptly gets forgotten.

So to help you out here is my list of holiday essentials:

Transparent Plastic Bag – I always keep these bags from my last holiday and reuse them. At the airport they charge you for these and they are essential as you can’t go through customs without one if you are carrying liquids under 100ml. I have lip gloss, moisturiser, hand cream, etc in my handbag and before a flight any liquid must be put into the separate see through bag as you go through customs. Or you could use a sealable sandwich bag.

Facial Water Spray – This is great for the plane and when you are on holiday. You can buy some mist spray or just get a spray bottle and fill it with water. It keeps your skin from going dry and cools you down.

Holiday Document Wallet – It’s a horrible feeling when you are scrambling around in your bag looking for your passport and your holiday documents. It is so much easier if you buy a wallet/holder to put everything in, then you know that you passport, tickets and parking details are all in one secure place. They sell them at the airport or you can get cheap ones from for £7.98.

Comfy plane socks – I think it’s always nice to get a pair of really comfy socks for the plane, whether it’s a short or long flight. It just makes it a bit more enjoyable and feels as if you are sat on your sofa at home watching a good film! You can get some really cheap fluffy ones from Primark from £2.

A good beach bag – Whilst on holiday you will probably use this everyday so it is well worth investing in one. So many times in the past I’ve gone away with no beach bag and either one of two things happen 1. I end up trying to carry books, sun cream, magazines, the room key and a hat whilst walking to the beach and dropping it all or 2. I grab a spare carrier bag, shove it all in and feel very un-chic as I pass all of the other nice beach bags en route to the sun loungers! H&M do some great ones and they are only £10 or so.

Dry Shampoo – This is a holiday must have for men and women. If you can’t be bothered to wash your hair before you hit the beach then no problem, just spray some dry shampoo up top and voila, your greasy roots will be instantly refreshed and volumised. The best I have found is the Batiste range which can be bought from Boots or Superdrug for £2.99.

About the author – Becky Hayes is a TV and Radio presenter and writes travel articles for online travel agent Global Holidays

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