Holiday Prices to Turkey Rise By 44%

New research about the cost of taking a holiday to Turkey has shown that holidays to the country may not be as cheap as you had hoped.

Following on from our recent blog article “Holidays to Turkey may not be as cheap as you think” new findings published by the Post Office have shown that Turkey could be becoming the most expensive in europe rather than the cheapest.

The annual Holiday Money Report claims holidaymakers to Turkey face a 44% hike in the price of meals, drinks and other holiday items in 2010.

Shopping Basket Prices Comparison

Bulgaria £39.12

Spain £44.84

Egypt £60.76

Croatia £62.44

Greece £63.42

Portugal £64.21

Malta £64.95

Cyprus £72.42

Turkey £75.21

Source: Post Office. Prices are for a “basket” of eight tourist items and based on exchange rates in January 2010.

Turkey Prices

Cup of coffee £2.24

Heineken £2.24

Coca Cola £2.24

Mineral Water £0.51

Suncream £5.59

Insect Repellent £1.79

Cigarettes £2.46

Three course meal for two, with wine £58.14






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