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I’m just back from two weeks on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. I love the island and this was my 8th or 9th visit. The weather was excellent. It was about 28C every day and mostly sunny although there were a few clouds towards the end of the holiday.I stayed in a house in the resort of Correlejo which is in the far north of the island but only about 30 minutes drive from the airport. This house was beachfront and had magnificent views across the bay towards Correlejo harbour and in the distance we could see the island of Lanzarote and the nearby much smaller island of Lobos. It was lovely to watch the ferry come in and out of the harbour and the windsurfers in the bay.

I was told that Fuerteventura is suffering from lack of visitors due to the recession and it did seem quieter than usual. A lot of restaurants and bars were quiet and I think that the islanders are hoping that more flights start operating to Fuerteventura for the forthcoming winter season.The beach near Corralejo on FurteventuraThe beaches in Fuerteventura are magnificent. My favourite is just 5 minutes drive outside Corralejo. I park outside the Riu Oliva Beach Hotel and then walk the few yards to the Grandes Playes Beach, which is a fantastic 3 mile stretch of golden sands which are clean with crystal clear water. The sea temperature is about 23C in October so it’s great for swimming. Sometimes the waves can get quite big so you need to be a bit careful but generally the waves are just nice to make swimming a real pleasure !

I took my laptop with me on this holiday as I wanted to check my emails. I was staying on Avenides Grandes Playas, which incidentally is a really nice area, but I couldn’t get a signal, so I ended up going to Caspers Bar. They have free Wi Fi at Caspers Bar so I bought a beer and sat outside whilst using the internet !

There are plenty of places in Correlejo that have Wi Fi so it is worthwhile taking your laptop.I can recommend a few restaurants in Correlejo. My favourite is El Sombrero, which is on the harbour side in the old town and towards the port. Their fillet steak is 12.5 Euro which is very good value in my opinion and far cheaper than a fillet steak would cost here in the UK.

Another restaurant that I can recommend in Corralejo is Cafe Central. It’s just around the corner from El Sombrero and they do fantastic home made pasta for about 10 Euro. The service at Cafe Central was excellent and our waitress couldn’t do enough to help us.Several Chinese restaurants offer all you can eat buffet meals for about 8 Euro per person so don’t believe all you hear about how expensive it is in the Eurozone for a holiday as this is not always the case.

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  1. bettina avatar

    The beaches in Fuerteventura are beautiful. I would like to travel there again.

  2. Oisin avatar

    Ive been here once before but I stayed in a hotel and I always do actually no matter where I go, I like the idea of getting a house even if it is a bit off the beaten track. The beaches are incredible arent they?

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