Holidays Are Important According To Survey

A recent survey of 2,000 people conducted by holiday company Club Med has found that overseas holidays are the most important luxury for the British public during the credit crunch.Despite fears of people not taking holidays in 2009 it seems that this year could be the year of the “big” holiday as people book holidays on the basis that they feel they have earned it !

It is a well known fact that during times of stress and work pressures people feel that a holiday is just what is wanted to make people forget the pressures of everyday life.The survey also said that people will be looking for value for money more than ever, and spending more time looking for the best travel deal. 80% of the survey respondents viewed their holiday as “quite important” or the “most important” luxury item in 2009.

 It seems that more people would rather have a good holiday in the sun rather than buy a new car. Car sales, of course, have slumped in the past few months.If you are looking for a good deal you need the services of a good travel agent. Global Holidays has 20 million holidays in its database, all searchable online in only a few minutes. If you are looking for a holiday bargain then employing the right technology to search for the best deals is vitally important.





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