Holidays To Fuerteventura – The Facts

Fuerteventura is one of the Spanish Canary Islands and it is one of our most popular holiday destinations. Personally, I have been eight or nine times, so as you can guess I like the place ! It’s an island with a rugged interior and glorious beaches, especially in the north of the island near Corellejo and in the south near to Jandia. It’s a fairly laid back place so it’s a great destination for a relaxing holiday. If you like windsurfing it’s ideal.

Here is the Global Holidays destination review of the island of Fuerteventura.fuerteventura beach near Correlejo

Fuerteventura is an archetypal holidaying paradise. With its soft, golden beaches and its endless sunshine and good weather, it is the perfect spot to travel to during the summer months, or indeed at any time of the year.As soon as you land at Fuerteventura Airport, right on the soft sands and next to the crystal blue sea, you immediately get a feel for the island and what it is all about.

With no real must-see sights, the temptation when visiting the idyllic location is to spend your days lounging about on your sunbed, reading your holiday paperback or topping up that tan.After all, Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands, is made of 60 miles by 12 miles of beaches, with blue skies as far as the eye can see. More than 100 beaches exist along that golden stretch, with the most popular being Caleta de Fuste, now called Costa Caleta, and Corralejo.

However, the island is not solely about sea, sand and suntans and has a variety of different activities that holidaymakers can take part in to make the most of the gorgeous weather.Well regarded as a top-spot for sailboarding, visitors to the island might want to try their hand at the water sport, from the surfing family of activities. Although it might seem daunting, sailboarding is easy to pick up and is fun for all the family.

Those who want to escape the beaches packed with British holidaymakers might be put off from getting a cheap flight to Fuerteventura for fear that it will be packed full of tourists. However, despite being one of the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, its tourism industry is not highly developed, which has led to its nickname as “the quiet island”.

The fact that it has only 40,000 inhabitants makes it an ideal setting for family holidays, with few of the noisy late-night clubs found on some of the other islands which are more built-up and attract a younger clientele of holidaymakers.

Life in Fuerteventura is a lot more mellow, with a number of restaurants and bars in which to while the evening hours away and to sample some of the local delicacies. La Guanxia, a restaurant found in a small village just a few miles out of town in El Mattoral, is perfect for a good meal, while La Marquesina and El Patio in Caleta de Fuste is also a must-visit eatery.So if you would like to visit this beautiful Canary Island, hop on a plane at one of the various UK airports that provide cheap flights to the destination and see for yourself what it has on offer.

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    Hello.I love fuerteventura island too. I think is the best places in the word.A great review from you, visit my blog for more info about this fantastic island!

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    Don’t use company called Autoreisen for car hire. We hired at the airport. Steerng felt strange, should have taken it straight back, thought it was just a well-used vehicle. After a while checked tyres, no problem. Used car for one day to go to dunes and too and from the airport. Few weeks after holiday, credit card was debited for €250+ by Autoreisen WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE. When contacted they claimed extensive damage done to vehicle. DEFINITELY NOT US. In other words at the time of hire, we were given an unroadworthy vehicle. There is no redress….beware and be warned.

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      Thanks for the advice. I haven’t heard of that company although there are several car rental companies at the airport that I have personally used and never had any problems. If you booked direct with the car rental company I can see that it is more difficult to make a complaint. We use car rental brokers when we sell car rental so if there are any problems there are people we can talk to.

      You may want to speak to your credit card company who can dispute the transaction for you and they may do a “chargeback” to the car rental company and credit your own account.

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