Holidays to Turkey Might not be as Cheap as you Think

Holidays to Turkey, like last summer, are in demand at the moment, as families looking for a cheap holiday abroad look for a holiday outside the Eurozone.However, taking a holiday to Turkey might not be as cheap as you might think !The average cost of a family holiday to Turkey has risen by nearly 50% as greedy hoteliers in Turkey take advantage of the weak Pound. The cost of goods in shops in the holiday resorts have also risen sharply.

As Spanish hotels drop their prices to attract customers the price difference between a holiday in Turkey and a holiday in Spain or Greece is much smaller than it was 2 years ago and in some cases it is actually more expensive.Whilst prices in Bodrum and Dalaman have increased by nearly 40% the price of a holiday to Majorca has risen by only 3%.We have been receiving reports from holidaymakers returning from Turkey that a bottle of beer at the airport can cost £5.As Turkey becomes more popular tour operators have expressed concern that the country could see an increase in overbooking and a lack of good quality accommodation.So, our advice is to speak to a good travel agent about the best holiday deals and don’t rule out a holiday to Spain or Greece or one of the other Eurozone countries.

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