Honeymoon destination dilemas

We had a busy weekend at Global Holidays as we had a stand at the Harrogate Wedding Show.

It was a really enjoyable two days and we ended up giving advice to hundreds of brides and grooms who stopped by our stand wanting information about potential honeymoon destinations. The range and types of honeymoons that newly weds want is amazing and the requests really are a test of your travel knowledge as you have to think quickly about who goes where, what attractions there are to see and think which hotels you recommend in a particular place.

The range of destinations that honeymooners want to go to ranged from the beaches of Brazil, treking in Peru, multi centre holidays in Thailand and plenty of the luxury holiday destinations like The Maldives and Dubai. Throw in other honeymoon destinations we were asked about such as the USA, Australia, Italy, France and even dog sledding in Lapland and that gives you an idea how diverse our travel knowldege needs to be !

Things have changed. I spent my honeymoon on the east coast of Yorkshire for a few nights. I can tell you that in late November with howling gale force winds and the rain lashing down it is no match for an exotic beach honeymoon destination like The Maldives. My wife still hasn’t forgiven me for deciding to go there. I was thinking of the cost !

As well as talking to lots of brides to be it was amazing to see the how sophisticated weddings are. There seems to be a company that specializes in all things that you might want at a wedding. There were companies at the wedding show that organised the chair covers, companies that orgainise wedding entertainment, an amazing choice of wedding venues and, of course, wedding dresses that would look sensational at any wedding.

Judging by the number of people we talked to at the wedding show wanting exotic and often expensive honeymoons it seems that spending a large amount of money on a fantastic honeymoon destination shows no sign of being affected by poor economic times.

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