How do you Choose a Holiday – Look at the weather !

Weather decisions

Trying to decide where to go on holiday can be a difficult decision. You have to think about the type of holiday you want – a beach holiday, some culture maybe or even a little adventure are just some of the types of holiday you could consider. But before you pick a holiday destination there are other factors to consider before choosing to go to that exotic destination that looks great in the brochure.

Apart from the price of a holiday of course,  it is important that you consider what the weather will be like at the time of year you are planning to be there. Most places on the planet have a rainy season when it is best avoided. Even though it will still be hot you don’t want to be looking out of your exotic holiday accommodation to see dark skies and torrential rain !

The weather is unpredictable

In certain parts of the world close to home we know what the weather is going to be like. For example, we know that in southern Europe that the weather in summer is probably going to be hot and sunny but what about other parts of the world ? And also even in Europe outside the summer season you need to know what the weather will be like at certain times of the year.Knowing what the weather will be like at the other side of the world is far more difficult as many countries can have different weather on different coastlines. For example,  the southern region of Thailand really has only two seasons — the wet and the dry. These seasons do not run at the same time on both the east and west side of the peninsular. On the west coast the southwest monsoon brings rain and often heavy storms from April through to October, whilst on the east coast the most rain falls between September and December.

How to check what the weather will be like

This is why it is so important to check the weather before booking a holiday and so, here at Global Holidays we have just introduced new technology to help you see what the weather will be like at a particular destination.Global Holidays introduced a market leading holiday search system on its website recently and amongst one of the many upgrades included is a weather button where the customer can see live weather information. You can see the current weather including temperature, rainfall and even wind speed as well as predicted weather for a destination. This information will be a valuable tool to help you decide when the best time of year to visit a destination will be.Below is a screen capture of what our weather information page looks like.

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