How Not To React When You Miss Your Flight

It is always a good idea to check in for your flight in plenty of time. On a short haul holiday charter flight we recommend checking in at least two hours before your flight is due to depart.

If you arrive too late for your flight then you could be refused boarding and of course you could ruin your holiday. Of course, some people who miss their flight tend to get a little upset but maybe not as upset as a lady who missed her flight at Hong Kong Airport.

Take a look at this  video of a hysterical passenger screaming and throwing herself to the floor after missing a flight.The woman  is seen running towards the departure gate at Hong Kong where she was due to fly to San Francisco.

But when she finds out she is too late and the plane has boarded she starts  screaming in Chinese, banging on the desk and throws herself to the floor. The airport security staff seem all too used to this behaviour and they don’t appear too concerned. Take a look at the video below – it’s great ![youtube=]






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