How to avoid getting sick on holiday.

I went on holiday to Kerala in India a couple of years ago. I ate out in the local restaurants, ate a curry for breakfast and dinner and I never got sick. In fact, I don’t remember getting sick on any foreign holiday and I have been to quite a few places around the world. All I always do when I am abroad is take common sense precautions and that seems to do the trick!

A lot of people do get sick, however, when they are on holiday and most of these could be avoided. The first thing you should do to prevent illness abroad is to consult your GP to find out what jabs you might need. It’s always a good idea to keep things like tetanus up to date but other jabs might be needed such as hepatitis. So…. consult your GP well before you are due to travel.

Our top tips on avoiding getting sick on holiday

1. Try to make sure that food is well cooked and hot throughout. A good sign that a restaurant is good is if there is a queue of people or the place is full of locals.

2. Avoid buying food from street vendors unless you see that there is a high turnover of sales.

3. Avoid drinking tap water and try to stay clear of ice cubes in your drinks.

4. Salad can often be washed with tap water so this is one to be avoided as well.

5. Drink bottled water and also brush your teeth with bottled water, making sure that when you buy bottled water it is properly sealed.

6. Don’t eat fruit and vegetables unless you can peel them yourself or unless you are certain they have been properly cooked.7. Take insect repellent, especially for the evening.

If you do get ill whilst on holiday always remember to stay hydrated and visit a pharmacy or doctor if you need to.

Take a look at this short video about avoiding sickness on holiday and don’t forget if you are in doubt – Consult your GP !

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