How to avoid getting sunburn whilst on holiday

Most of us have been there and done it ! Either in our quest for a healthy looking tan or our forgetfulness of the power of the sun – Sunburn ! It’s not just the fact that sunburn hurts and looks bad; it’s also the fact that sunburn can cause health problems. Some sun is healthy for the body and it makes you feel good as well so we don’t say you should never sunbathe – but only in moderation.So how do you go on holiday and not get sun burnt and at the same time come away with a healthy glow? Well the answer is simple …. apply high factor sun tan lotion and stay out of the midday sun. Your skin takes a few days to get used to the sun, especially if you haven’t been in the sun for a few months, so take it easy in the first few days of your holiday.Don’t forget to apply high factor sun tan cream, especially to those bits that easily get burnt – the backs of your knees, face, ears and shoulders. Wear a hat. This keeps your face in the shade and protects your head. Also, stay in the shade at midday or if you feel that you have had too much sun. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated.Here at Global Holidays we love the sun, the beach and everything else that goes with a great holiday, but remember to keep yourself safe in the sun and protect yourselves.This advice is brought to you by Global Holidays – the travel agent for cheap holidaysTake a look at this short video about the dangers of sunburn[youtube=]





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