How To Avoid Jet Lag. Top 10 Tips

Man suffering from jet-lagWe all love going on holiday but getting to our destination can have its problems. As well as queuing at the airport the problem of jet-lag is one problem that we wish there was a cure for. I suffer from it quite badly.

 Last year when I flew to Las Vegas I suffered really badly from it. The problem was that my body thought that USA time of say 9pm should have been 5 or 6am in the morning of the next day. So, by 9pm every night I was shattered and even after a week in Las Vegas I was suffering badly.Jet lag is a problem for us all, especially when travelling long distances across several times zones.

My worst experience though was after I flew west from the UK to New York and then after a week flew back to the UK and then after only one day in the UK I flew to Mauritius which is east and in the southern hemisphere. I can remember that when I arrived I stood in the lobby of the hotel and the floor seemed to be sloping at 45 degrees !Various theories exist as to how you can avoid jet lag so I thought that I would ask for your comments on what you think prevents jet lag. 

Here a few opinions on how to avoid jet lag that I have heard of over the years.

1. Get as much sleep as you can on the flight.2. Stay awake for the whole overnight flight and most of the next day and then conk out exhausted on your first full night at your destination.

3. Flying dehydrates your body and dries out your skin. Drink as much bottled water as you can. This helps to make you feel fresh when you arrive at your destination.

4. Don’t drink too much alcohol on your flight. Having a hangover when you arrive will make you feel even worse.

5. Visit a Four Seasons hotel as soon as you arrive. They offer a special jet-lag treatment which involves a massage with a reviving eye treatment thrown in.

6. Don’t drink too much coffee as this also dehydrates you.

7. Take fresh clothes and deodorant for use on a long haul flight. It’s a great idea to use these to freshen up so that you arrive at your destination feeling fresh.

8. Melatonin is supposed to be the miracle cure but it is only available on prescription in the UK, so you will need to go and see your GP about it.

9. The trick is to be able to find ways for your body to adjust to the new rhythm’s of daylight and darkness. Eating and sleeping are your bodies time indicators, you you need to fit in with what the locals are doing as soon as possible. Exposing yourself to as much daylight as possible may be a good idea, so heading for the beach is a good idea.

10. Buy a pair of special flight socks and wear them for the whole duration of your flight. They fit tightly around your legs and go right up to your knees. These socks help prevent sore and tired legs and DVT blood clots. Also wear loose clothing and take your shoes off.

New research about jet-lag has just been released in November 2009. Read details  here

Please leave a comment on how you avoid or suffer from jet-lag. We would love to hear your opinions.

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