How To Get An Indian Visa

UK Passport holders need a Visa to visit IndiaHere at Global Holidays we sell a lot of holidays to Goa and Kerala in India. If you have booked a holiday or flight to India you need to be aware that you need a Visa and you must apply for it well before you intend to travel. There have been reports of lots of people turning up at the airport to fly to India without an Indian Visa and them having to be turned away.

Their holidays have been ruined because their travel agent didn’t tell them that they needed an Indian Visa !  That has never happened at Global Holidays !

Here is what you need to do to apply for an Indian Visa: You can apply for a visa yourself by filling  in the forms online at and then posting these with your passports to the appropriate visa application centre.

The basic cost of a six-month visa is £30, plus an £8.86 service charge, and then £7.40 for the return of your passports by special delivery (up to two passports can be sent back in one envelope) so it would cost you £42.56 each, plus postage.To save on the service and postal charges you can you could go to an application centre and it’s now possible to make an appointment online to bypass the queues. But you may have to wait and annoying though the extra charge may be, it could be money well spent.

There are also several visa companies who will be able to arrange an Indian Visa for you. You send them your application form and passport and pay them a fee and they will take your application form to the Indian Embassy and get the visa for you.It is not possible to get an Indian Visa at the airport on the day you travel. You must apply well in advance of your departure date. The process normally takes two weeks but it is best to check this. At busy times of the year it could take longer.Don’t be put off visiting India though just by the thought of getting an Indian Visa. It’s a simple process and India is well worth the effort when you get there !

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    I travel a lot back and forth for business. Finally after a really frustrating time at the embassy I broke down and I used one of the services like they mention. It was so easy, the people were so nice and it was only 20 pounds! is the company. It can be expensive if you have to leave right away, but that’s to be expected I guess.

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