How To Pack A Suitcase

We all love going on holiday. Part of the fun is planning your holiday and thinking about what you are going to do when you are actually on holiday. Before you even think about heading off to the airport, however, you need to consider what you are going to take with you on holiday in terms of luggage.

Most airlines have a luggage allowance maximum weight limit. Your actual luggage allowance will vary depending on which airline you are flying with. Several airlines, especially the no-frills airlines do not allow any luggage allowance at all unless you pay extra. Some airlines will only allow you 15kg luggage allowance but it is essential that you check your allowance before you actually book your ticket as the low fare you think you have just found may not be as cheap as you think once you add on the extra cost of taking a suitcase.

It’s important, therefore, to know how to pack a suitcase and to be ruthless in deciding what to take with you. Taking too many toiletries for example will weigh a lot more than you think so only take the essentials. And you ladies. How many pairs of shoes do you actually really need to take. If you are going to the Maldives you may not need any !

There is also a knack in knowing how to pack a suitcase. Folding shirts and dresses so that they arrive at your destination without creases in the wrong places is knowledge that you should have. Now though we are about to present to you all the knowledge that you need to be able to pack a suitcase with any hassle. Being able to pack a suitcase to save space may well save you money.

Take a look at this excellent video which will show you how to plan, what to take, and also how to pack a suitcase.

Air Travel :How To Pack Your Bags For A Sun, Sea And Sand Holiday

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