Huge increase in cost of Maldives holidays causes slump

Tour operators are reporting a drop in bookings for Maldives holidays, with some saying that bookings have slumped by 35%. The slump has been caused by an increase in land costs, poor exchange rates and an increase in airfares.

It’s not just The Maldives that is suffering. Other long haul destinations in the Caribbean like Barbados and Antigua are declining as holiday destinations too.

In contrast, holidays to Mauritius have seen an increase in demand. Mauritius has lots of  very good quality hotels, great beaches and prices are looking good compared to The Maldives. The Dominican Republic is also benefiting as prices are cheaper than other Caribbean islands and the island has lots of very good 5 star hotels.

Here is an example of how Maldives holidays prices have increased. This week we were asked to quote for Kuramathi Island in The Maldives. It’s a great place for a honeymoon. Our customer had booked the same holiday with us last year and he had paid £7,000 for 12 nights in a Jacuzzi Water Villa on Select All Inclusive. This year, the same holiday cost £9,230, a massive increase of nearly 32%.

I can vouch for the quality of the hotels on Mauritius as I have been to several and the food is fantastic. Mauritius has great beaches and I think it must be one of the most luxurious holiday destinations that I have visited.

The economy of The Maldives relies heavily on tourism and if the fall in visitors continues it will have a significant effect on the economy.

The Maldives have been a popular holiday destination for honeymooners for many years and some of the most expensive hotels in the world are located here. A holiday to The Maldives could be about to become even more exclusive!





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