In Four Years We Will Find Aliens Say Experts !

I have written one or two blog posts recently about UFO’s and about the probability of alien life on other planets and now experts speaking at a science conference in the USA think we could even find the first inhabited planet in the next FOUR years !

The so called experts say that our galaxy is loaded with Earth-like planets each of which could be supporting Extra Terrestrial life and researchers think it is only a matter of time before an alien world is discovered.

Dr Alan Boss from the Carnegie Institution for Science believes each Sun-like star has on average one Earth-like planet meaning that there are billions out there. If this is the case though, how come we haven’t been visited yet ?

Our solar system is so large and so old that the human race is only a spec in time. Life tends to be only around for short periods of time. 10,000 years is only a very short time when you consider that the solar system is billions of years old. Add into the equation that it would take at least 2,000 years to travel by spacecraft to the nearest planet where there may possibly be life and you will realise that the chances of us bumping into extra terrestrial life are very slim indeed. Can you imagine travelling for 2,000 years to another planet to find alien life only to find that it was a small molecule and that it died off anyway hundreds of years ago.

There seems to be lots of scientists trying to keep themselves in a job by saying that we are close to finding alien life. Whilst I think it is a great idea for us to explore space I am still not convinced that we will one day find an alien neighbour. My opinion is that we are alone and a one off freak of nature.





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