Is Finding the Right Holiday Harder than it used to be?

It seems that many travel agents don’t want to carry out holiday searches for customers any more. These travel agents want your booking but don’t want the hard work involved in looking for the perfect holiday for the customer. They expect you to know which holiday you want before they receive your phone call so that all they need to do is give you a quote.

If you are not quite sure where you want to go on holiday then some travel agents don’t want to know you.In years gone by when teletext holidays had their excellent TV service you could get an idea from there where the best deals were, and also get some ideas of the best holiday destinations to suit you.

The teletext holidays service is nowhere near as good as it used to be, mainly due to cheap holiday hunters trawling through similar Internet travel websites and spending hours trying to find a holiday.

There is a skill to finding the right holiday and that is where a good independent travel agent, like Global Holidays, is worth its weight in gold.Global Holidays will spend time searching for the right holiday.

Whether it’s a cheap last minute holiday, a luxury holiday or even if you are not sure where you want to go they will spend time searching their vast database of holidays and give you the benefit of their extensive travel knowledge. It’s also good to remember that cheapest is not always best. Even if the holiday appears to be the same you need to be happy that you will get good service before and after you have returned from holiday.

Again, many travel agents are only interested in the sale and their after sales service is appalling.Our advice is to call a travel agent like Global Holidays if you need help deciding where to go on holiday. One phone call may mean that you end up finding not just a great bargain but the right holiday destination as well !

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