Just one thing to do before you die!

Have you read the book “50 things to do before you die”? Did you look through and think to yourself that it would be nice to do just one or two of those things? The BBC even did a TV program with their slant on the subject. You can even buy a book called “501 things to do before you die” and “501 places to see before you die”. 50 things was tough enough but getting around to seeing 501 is going to need two lifetimes! I even bought a book called “501 cities you must visit”. At this rate I’m going to be travelling the world for a very long time!

When I flick through these books I try to rank them in order of preference. Where should I go to first? It’s a really tough decision because there are so many wonderful places to visit.

I think I have now decided which is the first on my list of exceptional places to visit before I die. This trip has twice been Voted Best Attraction by the North American Travel Journalists Association. It was the Winner of the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011 World Travel Award as “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train”, as judged by 170,000 travel agents worldwide.

This trip appears in books like “Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the Worlds Greatest Trips”, National Geographic. It has been voted many times as “one of the great train rides in the world”, and of course train journey enthusiasts vote for this trip as the best in the world year after year.

What is this journey of a lifetime? It’s a train journey on The Rocky Mountaineer!

This amazing train journey takes you through some of the best mountain scenery in the world. You are taken over amazing bridges over the most fantastic raging rivers and you see all this from a train carriage that has a panoramic view from its see-through dome.

The Rocky Mountains in Canada is where this incredible train journey takes place. The journey appears in all the books with suggestions about what we all need to do before our time is up. I have just decided that the Rocky Mountaineer train journey is high up on my list of things I need to do and it’s not as expensive as I thought!

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