Kefalonia – its beauty is waiting for you!

From time to time our customers send us their opinions on holiday destinations. Keith Warwick has written for us before and he recently sent us a great well written article about the Greek Island of Kefalonia. His writing brings to life this beautiful island. This is what he has to say about Kefalonia:

Where do you go to get rid of the stresses of life that so insidiously build-up? Well, Kefalonia could well be an ideal solution as a location. It is no myth that this island is astonishingly and unrelentingly beautiful. The sublime beauty of its Arcadian splendour of cypress trees, vines and olive groves, it’s citrus trees and green mantles that create vistas of unforgettable loveliness, is both delightful and real.Kefalonia, The Greek islands

Agostoli, its so-so capital, boasts one of the loveliest squares and shopping streets you could ever wish for. The evening volta, the strolling throngs, takes on an even more pleasurable meaning, whilst the climate enhances the feel-good factor by creating a sense of mellow well-being. Forget about that Corelli thing – the island is so much more than a book.Emphatically entrenched in island mentality, the people are generally hard-working, caring and heart-warmingly human, indeed.

There are a few really good resorts, and even slightly jarring Lassi has hidden charms that need careful finding. I stayed at the Mediterranee Hotel in Lassi. With it’s own beach, convenient location, large pool, ravishing sunsets over the sea, and the solid basics of a four star, the hotel was remarkably cohesive in the quality of the staff and service. The restaurant served ok, sometimes good, food buffet-style, and the average breakfast was enlivened by a large choice of fresh bread and the pleasures of the rotary toaster. The island is blessed by some of the cleanest, most beautiful and ideal beaches on earth.Myrtos is a stunning pebble beach with a murderous and precipitous access track (cars can get wrecked!). But the view here is unforgettable.

The caves you can visit, including an underground pool, are genuinely interesting and profoundly beautiful.Finally, the climate, views, fresh food and the people, meld into one cohesive memory that should, despite a few hiccups, become a classic you will forever review. If you are stressed-out and look for an easy-accessed island – just go there and chill-out as soon as possible!If you are thinking of booking a holiday to Kefalonia why not check out our fantastic choice of low cost holidays. Click the following link or call us on 0800 433 2300.

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