Kids should code

There has been lots of publicity about kids being able to code. When I was at school we had binary computers. There was no such thing as a desk top PC. I remember going on a school trip to Burtons Head Office in Leeds in the 70’s and they had an air-conditioned room full of giant computers. That total computing power, back in those days, was probably equivalent to a standard desktop PC now. If only I had had the forsight to realise that computers would start a technology revolution and that I should learn how to be a computer programmer !

School children and students have learnt how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and that’s about it. I agree that students should learn how to code. Knowing how to make an app. is just as important as learning PowerPoint but knowing how to code an app. will open more doors and give them the power to be creative.

Being creative, in my view, is just as important as literacy and numeracy and we need to encourage that in our schools and colleges.

I found this great You Tube video about coding and it features some famous faces!






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