Kiss Flights – Advice for affected customers

Do you need advice on your rights if you are affected by the collapse of Kiss Flights? If so this article may help you.Firstly, if you are stranded abroad you will be able to catch your flight home as normal.If you haven’t travelled yet then you will need to contact your travel agent and ask them to re-book your flights. You may need to pay again if you have booked just a flight only.

Your travel agent will then need to complete an ATOL claim form and send it to the CAA with various documents.If you have booked a package holiday which is using Kiss Flights then your travel agent should re-book your flights for you. You should not be asked to pay again as this is your tour operators responsibility but some travel agents may well ask you to pay again so that they can book another flight for you.

This is where the whole area of consumer protection is a bit suspect because many travel agents will have used a Kiss flight and booked separate accommodation. This is not a traditional package holiday even though customers may not know the difference or indeed they may not have been told of the difference. This type of holiday can leave you exposed to a financial risk.Anyone who has booked with Kiss Flights will get their money back as they were a company offering charter flights that are ATOL protected by the CAA. If you are unable to reach your accommodation because this has been booked separately then you may lose money.

Our advice for the future

Please use a trusted travel agent like Global Holidays whose services are free and who will give you expert help and advice. Global Holidays did not have any bookings with Goldtrail or Kiss. We refused to use these companies as we thought that they were suspect.Our advice would be for you in future  to book with a travel agent that offers fully protected package holidays like Global Holidays as they will cover the whole of the holiday.

If you want to re-book your Kiss flight then you can call Global Holidays on 0845 299 4450.

Please note that we are not connected in any way to Global Late Deals, The Holiday Collection Group or Sunmaster and you should contact these companies direct.

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