Leeds Bradford Airport Cuts Links with the Capital – again !

At the end of March 2009 BMI axed their flights between Leeds Bradford Airport and London Heathrow. That service played a vital link between the Yorkshire and Humberside region and London. The route was used by both business people and passengers going on holiday from London Heathrow.

It wasn’t long before the airline Flybe stepped in and started flying between Leeds Bradford and London Gatwick. In 2010 the route was used by 50,000 passengers according to Flybe.

However, Flybe have just announced that they will be stopping their 3 flights a day service on 31 March 2011. The airline blames high landing fees charged by Gatwick airport which they say have just been rasied substantially.

This decision is a poor one for the people living in Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire. Leeds is a large business and financial city that needs good transport links with London. Flying to London only took about 55 minutes and is a fast and convenient way of reaching the capital, however, passengers were still faced with a journey from either Heathrow or Gatwick into the centre of London making the journey length comparable to travelling by train. Leeds to Kings Cross takes about 2 hrs 20 minutes but it’s not a long journey by tube after that.

Lets hope that Leeds Bradford airport can find an alternative airline to fill the gap !

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