Litter bugs found with fast food !

I can never understand why people drop or throw litter. It’s one of my pet hates. Our environment is being damaged but also, its just awful to look at. Everywhere you go you see dropped crisp packets and sweet papers and near to fast food takeaways you see half eaten burgers, dropped bags and fast food containers. I even see car drivers throw litter out of their car windows. Why do they do that? Can’t they just keep it in their car until they see a bin. Are there cars really so full that they feel the need to throw stuff out of the window! I don’t think so. I can honestly say that I have never in my life dropped litter so why do other people feel the need to do it?

Keep Britain Tidy has done a survey to find the fast food brand that causes most litter.

Keep Britain Tidy has named McDonald’s as the most littered fast food brand in the country. The company’s burger wrappers and drinks cartons are more likely to be found strewn on our streets than any other fast food brand.

Keep Britain Tidy’s branded litter survey serves up super-sized shame for some of the world’s most recognised companies.

McDonald’s was found to be the most common brand seen as litter in the snapshot survey of ten city centres and suburbs/out-of-town locations across England.

Nationwide McDonald’s made up more than a quarter of all fast food litter (29%). Items common as litter were McDonald’s burger wrappers, condiment sachets and plastic straws.

In second place, the local chippie or kebab shop: Keep Britain Tidy found a huge amount of unbranded chip wrappings and packaging in all locations (21%). This included polystyrene chip trays and plastic forks.

In third place, Greggs, was found to have a high gutter share. The company’s pasty and pie wrappers made up 18% of all fast food litter.

There was a big drop to fourth place KFC (8%) and fifth place Subway (5%).

My message is please don’t drop litter. Keep Britain tidy and use litter bins or keep it in your pocket.






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