Living in Norway, Sweden or Denmark and want a cheap holiday?

If you live in Norway, Sweden or Denmark and you are looking for a cheap holiday then you will probably save money by flying from the UK. Most holiday flights depart from London Gatwick or Manchester and with cheap flights from Norway to the UK it is worth flying to the UK to start your holiday.

The UK has many tour operators who fly to all the major holiday destinations including Mexico, Dominican Republic, the Caribbean as well, of course, all the holiday destinations in Europe including Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

If you live outside the UK and you book a holiday from Gatwick or Manchester then you will need to carefully check your departure and arrival flight times as you may need to fly into the UK the day before and fly back home the day after you arrive back into the UK. There are plenty of airport hotels at all UK airports which provide low cost hotel accommodation which is very useful if you have an early morning flight.

We have been told by many people who live in countries such as Norway, Sweden or Denmark that they save a considerable amount of money by booking with a UK travel agent, even after adding the cost of return flights back to their country.

If you want a quote for a holdiay and you live in Norway, Sweden or Denmark please call us  on 00 44 113 2582222 and Global Holidays will provide a quote for you.






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