Malta’s Julian in the Crown

It’s a few years since I last visited Malta but I was impressed with the history, especially Valletta. Driving around the island was a little tricky though as the island is so small it thinks it doesn’t need road signs ! I stayed in a villa just outside the popular tourist town of St Julian’s so here is my assessment on what St Julian’s has to offer.

The village of St Julian’s on the island of Malta is still a hot spot for holiday makers wanting to enjoy the sights the Maltese islands have to offer.

Situated on the coast, in the middle of the island’s entertainment district, this resort village has a unique mix of modern conveniences and historic culture.

During the day, the village offers a host of activities. Swimming and sunbathing are often the most popular past-time at swimming areas just walking distance away.

Others take full advantage of the famous Mediterranean waters for diving, fishing and boat tours.

A short bus ride brings you to the capital city of Valletta, its narrow streets filled with market places and historical outings.

After sunset, the St Julian’s bay area is filled heritage fishing boats which locals and holiday makers use as a picturesque setting for warm evening walks, complete with vendors selling ice-creams and traditional delicacies, seaside cafes and restaurants.

The new Portomaso estate is a chic addition to the entertainment district offering stylish wine bars and restaurants overlooking the marina.

For the younger at heart, the adjoining nightclub district of Paceville, which ironically means “peaceful town”, offers a mixed range of both outdoor and indoor entertainment venues operating till all hours of the morning.

For many a holiday on the island of Malta offers a mixture of nightlife and culture.





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