Media Sinks To New Depths in Jade Goody Saga.

The reality TV personality Jade Goody’s battle with cancer has been well publicised in the past few weeks. Her publicist Max Clifford has been milking the poor girls situation for all its worth and obtaining maximum publicity on the grounds that he wants to earn as much money as possible for Jade Goody’s children.

Several newspapers are now beginning to question whether it’s right that she should be going along with the media circus. I must admit that I am uneasy about the situation. It’s a tricky one, but I think I feel that it’s not right. Many people are obsessed with so called celebrities and this attitude is fuelled by the media who are only interested in selling newspapers and magazines.

And it now turns out that OK magazine has published a tribute to Jade Goody with the headlines on its latest edition cover saying “Jade Goody 1981 – 2009, Tribute Edition” and it is supposed to include what her final words have been ! I find it amazing that a magazine has effectively published an obituary before someone has actually died !

The whole media circus surrounding Jade Goody is not really about caring for her but in my opinion seems to be a way of generating more sales on the back of someone else’s misfortune. This countries obsession with celebrities needs to come down several notches. Maybe in times of doom and gloom though we all aspire to being one as we see it as a quick and easy way of escaping the drudgery of everyday life.

More people should look at the longer harder way of becoming a celebrity by actually being useful to society and to themselves. It’s like winning the lottery. You can’t expect to win so you need to use your own resources and achieve your goals through talent, hard work and enterprise.






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