Mobile Phone Chargers To Be Standardized

At long last the European Union have done something useful. I have always been of the opinion that there are far too many politicians and so called decision makers ruling all our lives. Bureaucracy is the scourge of society but it seems too many people want to be the boss rather than actually produce something useful. They love their meetings and little arguments about the most minor of matters and it takes an eternity to actually achieve something.

But now, one of the most annoying of problems looks like it is to be solved ! Mobile phone charges are to be standardised so that all phones use the same type of charger. The EU have been pressing the mobile phone manufacturers for some time about the issue and they have all now agreed that by 2012 there will be only one charger. Great is all I can say. I have a draw full of old chargers and every new mobile phone I get always needs a different charger to the one I had before.

The new chargers are going to be “greener” and will it is said eliminate about 51,000 tonnes of duplicate chargers. That sounds like good news for the environment and for those times that you forget your charger when you go on holiday and no one else has the same type of charging device.

I was recently sitting in a bar in York and I noticed a mobile phone charger on the wall. I had never noticed these before but they are super fast chargers. It said on it that it could fully charge a mobile phone in 10 minutes. The only thing was that when I looked closely there were about 10 different wires coming out of it rather than just the one. It looks like someone is going to have to redesign these public chargers. It’s a shame if they are a new invention as they will only have a short life span. On the other hand, it is likely that they have been around a while as I have a habit of not noticing things like that.

But anyway…well done to the EU and the MEP’s they have gone 1% towards earning their big salaries and expense accounts !





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