New York – Full of Beans !

This is a guest article very kindly submitted by Natisha  Kachhwaha.  

It is a personal view of her visit to The Big Apple.

Many thanks Natisha for a great article.

“One hour in this city and I’m already blown away. I’m here for 4 more days and I’m excited.  Excited as a child who’s just arrived to the world’s most famous sweet shop and wants to see and taste everything now, now, now.  New York. New York. How best to describe this great city than in the form of the country’s best export – Jelly Belly beans. 

Yellow beans. The iconic yellow cabs zooming across the streets of Manhattan.  A note to all passengers, trust your driver 100% but wear your seatbelt, the experience is like no other. 

Red beans. The brake lights that light up blocks of downtown New York traffic.  The famous red steps at Time Square for all to sit and experience time standing still. The top of the Empire State Building as it welcomed me from JFK Airport.

Blue beans.  The famous NYPD logo and officers aplenty.  The clear blue skies that made the glorious bike ride in Central Park all that more beautiful.

Green beans.  Dollar bills passing quickly through my hands. Leaves changing colour in Central Park from green to yellow to orange to red.

White beans. The colour used to light up the iconic skyline against the black night as I drive from the airport.  The Chrysler building spike lit up like a Christmas tree, my beacon in mapping my way around the city. The smelly sewerage smoke floating from underground to street level.

Grey beans.  The majestic thunderstorm I experienced that bought the city to a standstill. The colour which describes the grim and dreary subway system.

Multicolour beans.  A cosmopolitan city. A mix of people, nationalities, languages and food through to the straight talking tough New Yorkers.  “Can you believe this wise guy? Get the f*** outta here!” shouts my cab driver. I can only describe his voice as Tony Soprano.  A true New York moment and I love it.Have an orgasmic moment at Katz Deli just like Meg Ryan. Eat you way through oversized pretzels and hotdogs from street corner food stands. Have the best of Little Italy at Lombardi’s Pizzeria.  Fresh ingredients and herbs with a splash of history and tradition from 1905 make this the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.  Sushi bars aplenty where I learn how to use chopsticks for the first time.

Ever thought rice pudding was boring? You won’t after you’ve been to Rice to Riches.  The only shop in New York to specialise in flavoured rice puddings. Choose from Coconut, raspberry, strawberry, banana, cookies and cream or rocky road. The list is endless, but as the sign on the door says: no skinny bitches allowed.This New York Jelly Bean may have a hard and impatient exterior, but bite into the shell and you’ll get a sharp punch of all its amazing flavours that’ll unlock your senses. So much so you’ll be left wanting more and more”.

About Natisha KachhwahaA first time writer for Global Holidays, I currently work as a Copywriter for a telecommunications company but have started a Creative Writing Course in my spare time which I love. Travelling around the world on faraway holidays or mere weekend breaks is another great escape of mine. Since i’ve caught the travel writing bug i’ve learned to appreciate that without discovering the country first hand your piece will lack passion and interest. I also write short stories and articles and would be more than happy to produce some examples of those who are interested.

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2 responses to “New York – Full of Beans !”

  1. Anne avatar

    I love New York and your description of your visit brought back some happy memories for me. It’s a while since I have been but everytime I think of New York I can smell the food from the street vendors and can picture New Yorkers walking to work with a coffee in one hand a brief case in the other. I can’t wait to go back.

  2. Natisha avatar

    Hi AnneGlad you liked it. This was my second time to NY but the first time was just so rushed that i didn’t get the chance to really sit back and see it. I love how it’s just so full of contrast – crazy metro city, but then peace and calmness in Central Park, definitely one of my highs there.

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